Weighing Scale

  • – Capacities: 3 kg – 30 kg 
  • – Division range: 0.1g – 10g
  • – Accuracy and precision for general use
  • – Types include: Basic, Advance function, counting, waterproof
  • – Capacity range: from 30 kg – 30 ton 
  • – Division Range: 1g – 100g
  • – Platform size range: 30x40cm up to 2x2m standard. customized platform size also available.
  • – Accuracy and precision for industrial and logistics general use
  • – Types includes: bench and floor platform scale, portable bench and waterproof models
  • – Available with customized design, mobility, structure and features
  • – Capacities: from 50 kg – 50 ton
  • – Measuring weight in kg/Lb. or tension force in Newton (N)
  • – Heatproof, wireless, and printing options
  • – Pallet jack with built-in weighing scale and integrate-able forklift weighing system
  • – Mainly used for shipping and  logistics operations or in the warehouse to weigh cargo pallets and large freight boxes
  • – Main feature: mobility/ portability 
  • – good for limited space areas where no place available for the large floor scales
  • – Retail weighing scale that can measure the weight and calculate the price
  • – for supermarkets, stores, groceries, and traders of food items; meat, vegetables, fish, bakeries
  • – types include: tabletop bench or hanging scales with price computing or with label printing with barcode function
  • – For professionals
  • – The highest product types in accuracy, precision, and reliability.
  • – Types include: Basic, Advance function, counting, touch screen
  • – A group of scales that can be used to weigh and trade very expensive commodity
  • – Commodity include herbs (Saffron), platinum, diamond 
  • – Division of 1mg to up to 0.1g max
  • – High accuracy repeatability with minimum error
  • – Professional human body scale used for adults, infants, and patients
  • – used in clinical, hospitals, gym​
  • – The features may include measuring weight and height, BMI, body fat or body compositions analyzer

Weighing scale sensor, strain gauge technology 

  • – used for weighing scales, weighbridges, manufacturing, production weighing systems, industrial automation, and process, testing.
  • – Types: Single Point, Planar Beam, Bending Beam, Shear Beam, Dual Shear Beam (double-ended), Weighbridge, S-Type, Compression, Canister, Ring Torsion, Spoke Type, Pancake, Onboard, Weigh-pads
  • – Structure: aluminum, alloy steel, and stainless steel, from IP64 to IP69K.
  • – Display units, 
  • – Indicators 
  • – terminals / transmitters
  • – Controllers
  • – Software
  • – Printers / Labellers
  • – Interfaces

Standard weights for calibration and testing

  • – Standard Capacity: form 1mg to 20kg
  • – Special and customized: from 50 kg up to 2 ton 
  • – Classes: OIML Classes E1, E2, F1, F2 & M1 and ASTM Classes 1-4
  • – Fixed or mobile/ portable solutions
  • – for road, airports, onboard (built-in) or rails

easy to be moved around, transported, or carry by hand

used for: gold trading, parcels, shipping, truck, and vehicle weighing 

A moisture balance also called a moisture analyzer, measures the amount of moisture in a substance. This is particularly helpful in food processing labs as the amount of moisture can be an indicator of the freshness and quality of some foods. These analyzers are also commonly used in environmental, pharmaceutical, and materials science labs. This will help in knowing the expiry period of a product also.

  • – Capacity range: 60-160g
  • – Division: 0.001-0.01g  (1mg-10mg)

Many of our waterproof digital scales used outdoors are for our veterinary, livestock, or agricultural customers. Other uses for such scales include constantly cleaned warehouses, for example with food processing and pharmaceuticals. For live animals, accurate weight is a priority in measuring health.

The tension load cell type dynamometer is used for tension or compression force measurements

It can be also used for weighing measurements, but it would not serve as a heavy-duty weighing scales like the crane scale type

A scale to count multiple items that is identical in weight

using their individual weights to determine the quantity that has been placed on the scale.

  • – It’s very easy to use and very helpful,
  • – Save time in counting and element error
  • – For stock control and shipment tasks, or sales
  • – Used mainly for sales and supply of bolt, nuts, pins
  • – Does not require a power supply
  • – Easy to maintain 
  • – But not accurate!

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Weighing Component and parts

  • – Display units, indicators, terminals, controllers
  • – Load cells
  • – Software
  • – Junction box
  • – Weighing module
  • – Printers / Labellers
  • – Interfaces
  • – Accessories and fittings

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Hazardous-area ATEX approved solutions for intrinsically safe weighing

We provide weighing platforms and indicators in Zone 1 and 2 Hazardous Areas for hazardous materials weighing in potentially explosive atmospheres

Used primarily in petroleum and chemicals industries, our range of hazardous area weighing solutions are designed keeping safety as the most important parameter

Animal scales / farms scales

advance functional industrial scales: counting scales, 

weighing systems & industrial process 

Industrial and Heavy Duty Scales

Different tools and equipment are used in various industrial sectors — the industrial weighing scales being a common one. Weighing goods accurately is essential in a number of industries including the buying and selling of goods, as well as quality and safety. Based on the need and the industry, you can employ a variety of industrial weighing scales.

Diary, Food and Beverages
Oil & gas
Steel and Metals
Chemicals and polymers
Automotive, parts and tyres
Building Materials, and Glass

Table Top (desktop)

Hanging, Crane and Dynamometer

Platform, bench and Floor

Precision Labs Weighing Balance, Analytical, Microbalance

Moisture Analyzer Balance

Check-weight machine

Counting Scales